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09-17-2020 03:33 PM
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I have two shapefiles, my current addresses shp and a source's updated addresses shp for the same coverage area. I have a key that links the two record to record. I'm new to python, and I'm generating a script that will allow me to input the two tables, join them based on key, and output a third table that displays the differences. Differences records would be appended to the new table after running through a series of checks: ie. does table 1 [Addressno] = table 2 [AddresVal], if not, append entire record to new differences table and indicate which fields do not match. Also looking to have it indicate if a source record is found in Table 2 (updated incoming data), but not Table 1 (my current data). 

I do not think this is a novel process. Can anyone share their scripts/ideas with me on how to accomplish this? I'm trying to develop it as a tool to run within arc.

Thank you all!

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