"Clear Tags" removing tags from different GCPs

01-24-2022 11:19 PM
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Is there a way to clear the tag from only the GCP you are currently tagging?

My team often works with smaller projects where one image can have multiple GCPs. This can sometimes cause issues where we will accidently click on a GCP and then realize that the one we are attempting to geotag is not actually in the photo or is cut off on the very edge. If there are no other GCPs using the photo then we can simply use clear tags to make the tag dissapear. 


However, if we have already used the image to tag a different GCP then clearing the tags will clear the previous tag as well which means we would need to go back and retag it. 

Is it possible to clear the tag in the image only for the GCP that is currently selected?

Thank you. 

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