Camera view during flight planning

01-24-2022 10:58 PM
Status: Closed
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Would it be possible to add camera view into the flight app during the flight planning stage?

Currently when capturing a new area we usually double check our settings by doing a manual flight to make sure our set height can capture the area that we need and to confirm that the drone won't bump into anything at the height. However this requires:

Closing out of the Site Scan app

Opening the DJI app

Manually flying the drone to the set height

Landing the drone

Opening up the Site Scan app

Then carrying out the Flight plan.


If the camera view was availble at the Flight Planning stage then this would greatly shorten the time of the workflow and allow everything to be done in just Site Scan. 

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Hi @MichaelNeron

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "camera view", but based on the workflow you describe, it seems you're simply looking to fly manually to validate your flight height will clear all obstacles. 

You can do this in Site Scan Flight by using the "Inspection" flight mode. You'll be able to choose if you want to takeoff automatically to a preset altitude, or manually, and after that this is effectively a manual flight mode. 


Hi Nico,

Thank you for your suggestion!

That workflow works fine as well, but it still requires changing screens from the inspection mode to our preplanned pattern.

I meant to suggest being able to see the camera view finder from the pattern screen itself. For example being able to see the camera image in the Survey settings screen, or the Crosshatch settings screen.

Is this something that has been considered before?

Thank  you.


Viewing the camera feed during flight planning could be possible, but it would take up valuable space needed to plan your mission, and would not allow perform the workflow you described earlier of taking off to evaluate the site for obstacle heights. 

I'll close this Idea because you can easily do this with Inspection flight mode, changing flight modes only takes a few seconds, and you can always save any existing flight plan and return to it. 



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