Weather and Climate Data Dissemination Webinar Recording

05-12-2021 07:10 PM
by Anonymous User
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National, regional, and local weather organizations have a requirement to provide weather forecasts, warnings of hazardous weather, and other weather watches to constituents in public safety, insurance, and other communities of interest. The public also depends on them for the protection of life and property, safety, and enhancement of the national economy. In this webinar, you will learn how the ArcGIS ecosystem provides the ability to ingest multidimensional data, visualize data in support of forecasts, and securely disseminate this information readily by way of GIS-ready map services. You will see demonstrations on how to easily access data products from national weather authorities for use in web-based applications.


Key Takeaways 

  • Make weather and climate data accessible by key stakeholders for better understanding and improved decision-making.
  • Control how you want to disseminate data by configuring outputs in the format you want. 
  • Efficiently and securely store or publish weather and climate data as scalable web services. 
  • Access and unlock information using a variety of no-code applications.


Links to resources:


Access to climate data  

NOAA National Weather Service  


Publish multidimensional mosaic datasets and multidimensional Cloud Raster Format (CRF) datasets as image services -  

Introduction to distributed data -  

Managing Multidimensional Data -  

NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) Geographic Information Services (GIS) -  

 Dashboards and Sites

NWS SAFER Hazard Dashboard - Situational Awareness -  

GIS for Climate Hub Site -  

Transform massive spatial data into manageable information -   

Best Practices

Best practices for system architecture -  

Data storage considerations for an ArcGIS Server site  -  

 Deployment scenarios (for stand-alone server) -  

Use Cases

Web Applications -  

NASA’s Terra Satellite Maps Australia Smoke Plumes in 3D-  

Five Years of Drought: Mapping drought intensity and duration in the contiguous United States-  

ArcGIS Learn Learn Lessons

Data Management  

Multidimensional data in ArcGIS Pro-  

Damage assessments from satellite data-  

Publishing an Image Service -

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