ArcGIS Pro doesn't correctly display m-enabled data in popups - bug in ArcGIS Pro?

05-16-2022 03:41 PM
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Although this doesn't have to due with Roads and Highways directly, this topic involves m-enabled datasets and I'm hoping someone here can provide an explanation or highlight whether the behavior described below identifies a bug in ArcGIS Pro since the RHUG community is well-versed in m-enabled datasets. 

When clicking an m-enabled point geometry feature class in ArcGIS Pro, the pop-up doesn't display the measure value.  Instead, the measure value is left blank but it adds six m-related fields at the bottom of the popup.  In a past version of ArcGIS Pro, it did display the measure value for the measure field (in addition to those six extra fields).

Interestingly, it does display the measure value when you publish such a dataset as either a hosted feature service to ArcGIS Online or a LRS-enabled feature service to Portal for ArcGIS. However, as soon as you add either type of web service to ArcGIS Pro, it once again won't display the measure. 

In summary, this behavior is unexpected and differs from earlier versions of ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap and ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS which all correctly displayed the measure value.  Is this a bug in ArcGIS Pro?  Does anyone know what's going on?

Test:  Here's a publicly published feature service in ArcGIS Online (AGO) that works perfectly online, but when added to ArcGIS Pro, does not (use "milepost NMDOT" as search AGO parameters from the Catalog Portal tab inside Pro).

Thank you!

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