Deleting many but not all routes from the same line in LRS Line Network

11-02-2022 11:24 PM
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While trying to implement a workaround suggested at Re: Creating Route to fill gap in Line of LRS Line... - Esri Community I was excited to see that there is a Delete Routes (Location Referencing) tool that I thought might provide an easy way to "drop" a large number of routes in one line of my LRS Line Network.

Despite the warning below, I tested it on a line which had only one route and it worked great!


I was hoping to use the tool to delete many but not all routes from the same line in my line network and was able to find the tool's limitation documented at Delete Routes (Location Referencing)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation where it says:

"If a route is selected in a Line Network, all routes in the same line will be deleted across time."

Is there any way to do a bulk Delete of many but not all routes from the same line?

I am not keen to resort to using Retire Route on them one at a time.

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If by route you mean a polyline geometry, "integrate" could be an option I think. Just be careful, there is no undo.

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