Splitting lines proportionally

03-01-2012 03:24 PM
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Any ideas on how to Splitting lines proportionally using python???? I am not asking for the code but for some guidance (although if there is any, I will accept it :)). I am not an expert but can handle the pressure. thanks in advanced!!!
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Without reviewing your data to determine how you would like to split your lines proportionally, I would suggest starting with the following if you have access to an ArcInfo license or the Spatial Analyst extension to see if it will get you closer to your answer.

1. Use the Create Random Points tool to place points along the line according to how you want to split the line.

Create Random Points (Data Management)

For example, if I had a line that was 100 feet in length and I wanted to split it into quarters, I would use this tool to create points along the line at 25 foot intervals (In your case you'd have to determine how to calculate this value).  To do this I would use 25 for the minimum_allowed_distance parameter, but I would use 5 for the number_of_points_or_field parameter.  The number specified in the number_of_points_or_field parameter will determine how many random points will be placed on this line.  As a result of specifying more points than possible to place on the line, the tool will be forced to place points along the line at exactly 25 foot intervals.

2. Use the Split Line At Point tool to split the line segments

Split Line At Point (Data Management)
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Hey Ernesto,

I might provide a rough template here if you want to look at code.

Proportional Line Split
I realize this thread is old, so I am sure you might have solved the problem.

A great Arcpy Cafe post is here those for those who find this post.
Split into equal length features | ArcPy Café


PS: If you have lines that do not overlap, the method suggested by ESRI staff is the best way to do this without scripting. In the case of overlapping lines (network analyst routes), the script I have creates a descent template. I have used this script to help with animations (by segmenting routes into smaller portions).

David Wasserman, AICP