Jupyter Notebooks (Python scripts) that use OATH/SAML Credentials

11-29-2023 07:45 AM
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My coding, scripting and Python knowledge is EXTREMELY limited (not a developer!) but I am curious if anyone else has experienced this issue and possibly had a fix. I have worked previously with ESRI Tech Support, and they were unable to find a solution.

At the college I work at, we are starting to get some interest in using Jupyter Notebooks - I've experimented with them myself in various environments including ArcGIS Online. The issue we are encountering is that we have Google/SAML authentication in our environment, and the Jupyter Notebooks so far have been unable to successfully process any scripts that rely on accounts from that environment. As a workaround, I've created an account for the user outside of SAML, and that works (login, calling a token, etc.)

Has anyone else encountered this problem? While the workaround works, it's a pretty big security issue if the only fix is to bypass our typical account policies. I've done some research online on my own, but have yet to find any suggestions. If it's the only solution, then I'll probably submit an idea post - I really don't want to keep creating accounts outside our network in order to give people the ability to use the ArcGIS Online/Jupyter Notebook integration.

Any thoughts? Advice welcome - if sending any python code suggestions, please include detailed notes! I am not a programmer, and it takes me a second to figure it out (but I usually figure it out eventually). Thank you all!

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