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Issue with Visual Studio

06-06-2024 10:51 AM
New Contributor

Anyone experiencing issues with using a custom IDE in ArcGIS Pro to edit python script tools? Changes I make in Visual Studio and save are not being shown in the tool. When I click edit tool, the changes are not displaying. I was using 3.1.2 and just upgraded to 3.3.0 and the problem is continuing. I have done this in the past without problems. Very frustrated.

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When the IDE saves it probably is working just fine. You might have to do a refresh (in the right-click menu)  on the toolbox in ArcPro. If you are using any custom modules you can force them to reload. That looks like this:

import sys
from importlib import reload
import arcpy
import cc_taxmaps 

I suppose doing a forced reload causes it to be a second slower but nothing I've noticed.

For debugging this problem I have found putting this in is useful. Then I can bump version number and see if it changes in the output from Pro.

__version__ = "1.0"

if __name__ == "__main__":
    arcpy.AddMessage(f"ExportTaxmapTool {__version__}")


Hope this helps,