Is there a way with ArcPy to set the "Annotation created with new features" annotation feature class property?

01-31-2023 07:27 AM
New Contributor II

In automating the building of template geodatabases (gdb) in FME, I have the problem that the feature-linked annotation feature classes are by default built with the "Annotation created with new features" switch set to ON.  I need to have that switch turned to OFF before I load features with FME.  As FME seems to have no gdb format attribute to handle this switch (it does have one for the annotation reference scale, so that, at least, works), I am hoping that ArcPy offers a feature-linked annotation feature class property (through Describe, maybe?) that addresses this switch.  Can anyone point me to such an arcpy-addressable write property or confirm that it does not exist?  (I have not been able to find one myself, if it does.)

Changing the setting manually through the Annotation Feature Class Properties interface in ArcGIS Pro defeats the whole idea of automation.  In FME, I could track the features for which I do not want annotation automatically built and delete the unwanted annotation features after feature loading, but that would be a complex, error-prone, and likely non-robust solution in the face of real-world data.

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