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GTFS to Public Transit Data model does not see/find GTFS dataset

05-31-2024 12:20 PM
New Contributor


I am working with "GTFS to Public Transit Data model" tool, and encountered a problem, when the tool cannot find the folder where I saved the GTFS dataset. In other words, I cannot select my GTFS folder in the "Input GTFS folder" part of the dialog window. If I select the acutall folder, I get a message that folder is empty. In Catalog pane, I can see the entire content of the folder, thought. 

I solved this issue by placing my GTFS folder on the Desktop.   Then I could use the "GTFS to Public Transit Data model" tool. However, today this stopped working as well..

Does anyone has any suggestion what I need to do differently?

I am attaching print screen below. 

Thanks a lot in advance...


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Esri Regular Contributor

Sometimes if you create or update folders while Pro is open, it doesn't notice the changes automatically.  Try clicking the refresh button on the dialog.  Does your folder appear?



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