Bus Stop Reconciliation with Survey123

12-07-2021 10:15 AM
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I am looking for examples from other public transit authorities that have used Survey123 to reconcile their existing bus stops.  We use the Trapeze scheduling software to create our stops, lines, etc. so I have a .shp with the locations and details about existing stops which I will publish through Pro into AGOL.  I want to have a related table(s) to store information gathered in the field that is not currently in our scheduling software. In addition, we will be checking the Trapeze data to see if it is correct and if not, we will push those updates back to Trapeze (assume I need some sort of flag that a value has changed?).

If anyone has an example they would be willing to share I would greatly appreciate it.  We will also be integrating the Spike Laser Measurement tool so we can capture distances. I know there is a template for that, so I can take the code and stick it into my survey.

Thank you!

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Hello Paula,

If you send your email address to mpescevic@esri.com, I can reach out to schedule a meeting for us to discuss and see how we can help to walk you through the process.

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Hi all, I am also interested in the is topic. What’s the status on this? Is there any data model that can be used for bus stops inventory? FileGDB? Thanks in advanced! 

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Hi Ernesto!  Yes we do have a data model that can help.  Feel free to contact either myself at cwhittaker@esri.com or Mark Pescevic at mpescevic@esri.com and we can schedule a meeting to discuss.

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