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12-03-2021 08:39 AM
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The request - We have subjects that move from one location to another. We are using field maps and would like to be able to see on Field Maps all the places Subject X has been.  I am not sure how or if this can be accomplished.

Thoughts - @ChrisDelaney 

Is there a way maybe thru symbology, to do a find on field map using Subject X ID and then the map would display all the places Subject X has been.  I know there isn't a find on the map but that would be nice other than finding addresses, or is there?  Or maybe click on the location he has been at one time and that would trigger the other locations to appear.

If we cant automate something on the field map, we could just export the Subject ID, then make that a feature layer. Can you automate an export of features and create a layer?

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Hi Annette!

Just to clarify, are you trying to use Field Maps to track the locations of users in the field, and then visualize that historical information on a map? If so, there are a few things you'll need:

1. Each of your mobile workers you want to track must have a field worker named user license (or a different named user type + the tracker add-on license) and an iOS or Android device with ArcGIS Field Maps installed.

2. Create your web map, add whatever layers you want. and share it to a group. Invite all of your mobile workers to that group. if you want, you can set your map to require location tracking, so when your mobile workers access the map from the Field Map mobile app, they are automatically prompted to turn location tracking on. This setting is configurable from the Field Maps web app.

4. When your mobile workers use Field Maps, it stores up to 72 hours of tracks on the device by default which you can access in a map by clicking on the layer icon then turning on My Tracks. Under options you can control the timeframe of tracks you wish to see.

5. If you want your mobile workers to be able to view the tracks of other mobile workers, then all of those named users will need to be added to a track view, and that track view will need to be added to the web map. To make a track view go to the app launcher, go to the track viewer web app, and create a new track view. Give the track view a name that will help you recognize it for this specific purpose. Add all of the mobile workers you want to track to this view- note you'll need to be an administrator in your organizational portal in order to create a track view. Additionally, the administrator of the organizational portal will need to create a custom role with the privilege "View location tracks". Each mobile worker will then need to be assigned this role. Once these steps are completed, each mobile worker would be able to view in Field Maps the location tracks of all of the other mobile workers assigned to the track view.

If a coordinator of the mobile workers needs to view the tracks, they can either add the track view to a web map (and then build an app around that map) OR they can open up the track viewer web app, see a list of all mobile workers and toggle which to display, as well to filter by time or by activity type (stationary, driving, walking)

Location tracks are stored for 30 days by default, but if you need to export them for archival purposes, you can go to the item page of the track view you want to archive, and click Export data, and choose an export format.

Hopefully this helps- if you have more questions, feel free to reach out directly at

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