"Sharing and Collaborating Better to Improve Pipeline Operations" Webinar

01-05-2023 01:13 PM
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We hope you enjoyed the webinar, "Sharing and Collaborating Better to Improve Pipeline Operations.”

You may share the video link:  https://mediaspace.esri.com/media/t/1_i0lw8w4o

In this webinar we discussed the extensive sharing and collaboration capabilities of Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise and spoke with a panel of operators who have successfully implemented this technology to improve efficiencies and collaboration across their organization.

For further information, please contact the following Esri staff:
• Jeff Allen: jeff_allen@esri.com
• Tom Coolidge: tcoolidge@esri.com
• Sarah Ramirez: sramirez@esri.com

Please view the webinar deck below.

Select Questions and Answers from the webinar:

Q: For a LNG Organization just adopting GIS, What do you think will be the starting point

  • A: ArcGIS Online is a great way for organizations to get started with GIS as it is a low cost solution that Esri hosts, and allows users to start building out maps and applications quickly. Some of the other feedback that we heard during the webinar is to start out with a clean and accurate database, plan out a schema and attributes wisely. Finding a good partner is also helpful to facilitate the adoption of GIS and Web GIS. Lastly, it’s important to find a champion and/or key stakeholders to get the word out to the rest of the organization to start using the tools.

•Q: Can you include a PDF link within the User Guide section?

  • A: In ArcGIS Dashboards, it is possible to add hyperlinks to connect to other web pages, documents, or resources. One way to accomplish this is through the Rich Text dashboard element. To include advanced content like adding a URL you can enter text directly into the HTML source. Additionally, this Technical Article walks through how to customize the display text of hyperlinks.

•Q: Hi team. I have a question on data governance in terms of taking a dataset to a public consultation app/StoryMap for local government. Customizing the tool so not all sensitive asset information is shown but a "public" view can be taken.

  • A: Sharing content and items in portal will really vary by the type of item(s) that you are wanting to share. Here are some Best Practices for sharing that we recommend when it comes to this topic.


Thank you for your time and attention. Be on the lookout for additional pipeline webinars.

Warm Regards,
The Pipeline Team


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