Need assistance for the interpretation and valorization of geological data on ArcGis

11-08-2021 07:43 AM
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I am Lassy Bertrand and new in the community. I am a geologist in the oil industry, more precisely in exploration. My job is to describe samples (cuttings and core) from old wells. I have a database of samples from several wells at varying depths, and each depth associated with different types of lithologies.


Well: X1
Coordinate: XXXX;YYYY
Depth: 1200m Sand
Depth: 1250m Sand
Depth: 1300m Clay
Depth: 1500m Shale

Well: X2
Coordinate: XXXX;YYYY
Depth: 750m Limestone
Depth: 900m Salt
Depth: 1050m Sand
Depth: 1100m Shale

I would like to know what kind of map I could make for each field? Is it possible to correlate the different lithologies of each well? Is it possible to create a 3D view for a particular lithology, for example: Sand? If possible, could you please provide me with an example map.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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Hi Lassy,

For some ideas of what can be done, I would recommend you check out this video by Esri Canada - Turn your borehole data into a complete exploratory 3D model in three easy steps. Your 2D point data can be extruded to a depth using an attribute to visualize the wellbores in 3D. Similarly, you can use the sampled depth values at each wellbore to create an interpolated surface that approximates the values in between the measurements at multiple depths. Some of these tools require extensions like Geostatistical Analyst and 3D Analyst.

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