Custom tiling scheme to get single tile for LOD 0

08-27-2020 04:17 PM
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I’m trying to create a custom tiling scheme for a WMTS to be used in a 3rd party product and the ESRI documentation/parameters is not sufficient enough to configure it the way it’s needed.


Using this service as an example, LOD zero has a single image tile (256px) and it works in the 3rd party product.


But I can’t replicate it for my data source!


My data is local in MGA55 but I can’t get a single tile for LOD zero.


In all the trolling through forums I came across some pointers:

- Each scale level must be half of the preceding scale level within a tolerance of 8-9 decimals.

- The tile size must be 256 by 256 when sharing to Portal for ArcGIS4.1 or earlier. When sharing to Portal for ArcGIS10.5 and ArcGIS Online, the tile size can also be 512 by 512.

- The scale of level 0 must fit within the extent of the layer.


But the parameters/options in ‘Generate Tile Cache Tiling Scheme’ does not give me the control needed to achieve the “scale of level 0 must fit within”.

What am I missing?

How do I force a 256 tile at LOD zero on a detailed floorplan dataset?


I’ve tried publishing it in webaux with all the zoom levels but the spatial extent of the dataset isn’t global so it bombs out.


Thanks in advance

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