Coming from ArcGIS pro, how do you make a WFS connection in ArcMap 10.x?

06-20-2021 01:28 PM
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Hi everyone, 

I'm used to working with ArcGIS pro and QGis where making WFS connections are just a matter of setting up a connection to the right URL under connections, and data is added with Add data. 

How do I set up a WFS connection in ArcMap10.x ? 

I read about the Data interopability extension that seems to be needed to set up a WFS connection, but I can't find anything where to to get this extension or license to do so. 

Anyone here with experience on this matter?


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According to Adding a WFS service to ArcMap  , To use WFS and GML content in ArcGIS Desktop, you need to install the Data Interoperability extension and add an Interoperability Connection to the WFS service. Licensing the Data Interoperability extension is not required to enable this functionality. (Edit: This statement might not be absolutely correct. See my observation at the end of this comment).

ArcGIS Data Interoperability comes as a separate installation setup. If you have software download privilege in your organization's My Esri account, you may download it from there (Choose the appropriate version of ArcGIS Desktop)




In case you don't have the software download privilege, please get in touch with your local Esri team.

Connecting to a WFS service


Another way to add a WFS Connection, is using Production Mapping extension (Requires Production Mapping License).



* I just installed and tested this in my machine.

I think you will need DI license to view the WFS layers on ArcMap.

The layers are only visible in Catalog, when I enable the DI extension in ArcMap.



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