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Using a georeferenced jpg map

08-05-2019 10:03 PM
New Contributor


I'm trying to use the attached jpg map of cumulative sound exposure levels (SELs) to estimate the SELs in specific locations. So I added the image to ArcMap Desktop 10.5.1 and georeferenced it to Australia. But I'm not sure what tool would be best to estimate the SELs. In a previous project, I used zonal statistics to get the mean of the specific variable in the sampling region but that doesn't work with the jpg image. I've tried to do some reading about this task but I don't think I'm wording it correctly. 

I tried converting the image from a 3 band raster to a single band raster using the Make Raster Layer tool but I lose a lot of the data. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on the best way to use this image and the associated legend with the layers in ArcMap that have the sampling regions?

Thanks in advance.

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