contour line of coastal bathymetry

05-12-2022 07:24 AM
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Hi all, I am a novice ArcMap 10.4.1 user. I made a figure of the sites that I sampled in the waters around the Korean peninsula. The basemap is NASA's ocean color .nc image with units of chlorophyll mg-m3 and on which I also added some data as graduated symbols. I have now been asked to draw contour lines of the bathymetry - at least two or three lines to show the depths of the stations that I sampled. I have two problems 1)i dont know what kind of bathymetry data to download 2) once I do find the data I dont know how to make these contours in ArcMap. thanks a lot.

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Hi @HelgaGomes ,

For the first question, GEBCO data might be a good resource that you might want to have a look at:

For the second question, ArcMap has a contour tool, from which you can generate contours from the bathymetry data.

Hope it helps. Thanks!


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