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ArcGIS Pro CreateEnterpriseGeodatabase Invalid License File

11-20-2017 12:23 PM
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Hello, I just purchased an ArcGIS Pro license and am trying to get my ArcMap to talk to a PostgreSQL / PostGIS backend.  I am running my 'Create a geodatabase' step (Create a geodatabase in PostgreSQL on Linux—Manage geodatabases in PostgreSQL | ArcGIS Desktop ) w/ python because the GUI didn't give me any debugging info.

My DB is accessible via a localhost:5432 tunnel, and that seems to be fine.

I believe I am providing all the correct params, but there appears to be a problem w/ my license file.  I'm pretty sure w/ my ArcGIS Pro personal license I'm entitled to all the goodies.  Any thoughts?


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Sorry, I thought this forum would be a little more image in-line forthcoming.

C:\Users\charl\Documents> --DBMS POSTGRESQL -i localhost -D xxx --auth DATABASE_AUTH -U xxx -P xxx -u sde -p xxx -l C:\Users\charl\AppData\Local\ESRI_Licensing\ProLicensing\sysgen\keycodes

ArcInfo license available! Continuing to create...
Creating enterprise geodatabase...

Executing: CreateEnterpriseGeodatabase PostgreSQL localhost xxx DATABASE_AUTH xxx ***** SDE_SCHEMA sde ***** # C:\Users\charl\AppData\Local\ESRI_Licensing\ProLicensing\sysgen\keycodes
Start Time: Mon Nov 20 16:02:01 2017
ERROR: Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.
ERROR: Invalid license file provided. Please provide an ArcGIS for Server enterprise keycodes file.
ERROR: Failed to execute (CreateEnterpriseGeodatabase).
Failed at Mon Nov 20 16:02:01 2017 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)


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Esri Regular Contributor

Took the liberty of forwarding your question to the Geodatabase and ArcGIS Pro places in GeoNet, where you might receive an answer quicker than in this group, which is very specific to Ocean Sciences. I've asked those other groups to get back to you directly.

Dawn Wright (she/her/hers), Ph.D. & GISP | Esri Chief Scientist
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Esri Frequent Contributor

I am fairly sure that you must have ArcGIS Enterprise licence to create and Enterprise Geodatabase (EGDB), of any flavor.

Having Pro just gets you the UI to create the EGDB not license it.

-Have you authorized an ArcGIS Enterprise (Windows and/or Linux) site yet?

--- George T.
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