Shortlist Story map - add layer or change map

08-22-2020 04:36 AM
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Shane Miles‌    Hi Shane,  Ben Turrell suggesed you might be able to help me or may someone else knows the answer.  I had an older map with an erroneous huge layer (a USNG grid) that was causing me to be charged too much for storage.   Ben helped me remove the layer (actually I uploaded a whole new map from Pro) but now the whole set of Shortlist story maps based on the old map are not working... the story images are there but the map layer (it's a long distance bike trail) is missing for all of them.  Can you or anyone tell me how to fix the Shortlist Story maps - either replace the map with the new one OR to just add the one layer with the bike trail.  Thank you for any suggestions and thanks to Ben for all the help so far.      

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