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Xamarin forms ios signing for store error

06-07-2024 11:48 PM
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Esri.ARCGisRuntime.Xamarin.Forms 100.15.5
iOS SDK 17.0

I have a xamarin forms project using arcgis for mapping, which used to work fine for sdk iOS 16. Now building and signing for app store, which requires iOS 17, the signing process apparently fails with

Asset validation failed 90035. A sealed resource is missing or invalid. ....RuntimeCore.ramework/RuntimeCore is not properly signed.

I can remove arcgis from the project and it come out as a valid ipa file, and I can add arcgis and it fails like this. I have seem various other products cause a similar issue (for other people) which required the various companies to update their packages, to fix it, though I am not sure how exactly this kind of error happens exactly.

I am aware that Xamarin is out of support lifetime, and this most likely means that arcgis is not getting patched, but perhaps there is a workaround, or perhaps this is a trivial fix, which would still make sense, since not everyone was able to just leave xamarin and port to MAUI just yet..?

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@TomGreenDk I am not reproducing this issue myself but we are looking into this. I am using VS for Mac following these steps outlined in the Microsoft Learn article. How are you uploading to App Store Connect?And where are you seeing this error message?

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