Runtime Content: Effects of Using Production Mapping extension

08-05-2015 02:31 PM
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I have a client who will be acquiring the Production Mapping extension for use with their agency. I currently receive data from them in the form of geodatabases and / or shapefiles in order to help generate mapping for them.

If they get this extension, are there any issues or limitations that may arise due to some of the functionality of the runtime engine for .net vs simply storing it in a geodatabase?

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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your question. What is your client going to do with Esri Production Mapping? What version of Esri Production Mapping are they running?

If your client is using tools in Production Mapping to edit the data or tools in Data Reviewer to QA/QC the data, then you should be able to consume the production data (i.e. geodatabase or shapefile) and generate maps. I am not aware of any issues or limitations. Have you encountered any issues or limitations?



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Thanks for the response. From what little information I can gather from their infrastructure, they seem to be very concerned with maintaining coherent geodata and workflow management. Since it looks as more of workflow management system then any actual geodata creation / manipulation, I didn't think it would have any issues or limitations.

I have not encountered any issues or limitations, but that's only because I haven't received any geodata from them (yet) that would be in any way associated with this extension. I just wanted to see if anyone within the community has used these two products together (Runtime Engine and Production Mapping extension) and ran into any issues themselves in order to get the most accurate information to answer my client's query.

Thanks so much for the help!

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