Runtime API Renders Fewer Features than JavaScript

07-16-2019 01:33 PM
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We have had several customers complaining that our app is rendering fewer features than they see in AGOL.

Here is a screenshot of both at the same extent and scale.

Is there any way we can configure the Runtime SDK to render more features, like the ArcGIS JavaScript API does? It looks like the JS API chunks up the requests into tiles, so that even though you can still hit the 1000 feature limit for a given tile, because it's broken up into tiles, you get more features overall. To our customers, this looks like a bug in our software. 



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Runtime does support paging the result of queries.  Works fine if you are doing a query and want to draw or do something with the results.  If the feature layer in question is simply a layer in a webmap that you are loading, it won't help you.  More info here:

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