Point Feature Symbol labels are rotated when map viewpoint is rotated

04-10-2024 10:02 AM
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in my application, point features have an attribute that specifies the rotation for that point feature. this is used for rotating the symbols. This is working fine by specifying the rotation expression for the Renderer of the featurelayer. However, when creating labels for these point features I would like to get the same rotation. This can be done using an arcade expression. But when the map viewpoint is rotated, the labels are also rotated (always staying readable with respect to the screen). I've tried all the different settings in the label definition:


this still results in undesired behaviour. With line labels this is working fine by the way, there labels are staying in their original position. example pictures:

original rotation (labels are in correct position)


after rotating the viewpoint (line labels remain in original rotation, point labels are rotated)



is this by design in the SDK? or am I missing something in the settings?


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Hi, Stuart.

I've had a look at your situation, with point labels not being able to rotate with the map.

It is unfortunately not supported at the moment in Maps Native SDK labeling. It is on our list of future enhancements, and I'll add your case to our list of use-cases.

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