MultiLayer symbol from WebMap not working

11-30-2022 01:09 PM
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This post is a supplement to for the same issue, but from the ArcGIS for .NET Runtime.

See reference post about what has been done for the web map.

We configure symbology for GraphicOverlays in a WebMap in Portal for increased flexibility and being able to use the same symbology across multiple Web Aps and desktop clients.

Symbology should be combined of multiple symbols:

- Drop shape (direction indicator) that can change color and rotation based on attribute
- Static image/font symbol based on attribute that does NOT rotate or change color


The WPF application reads the web map with FeatureLayer and ArcGisMapImageLayer holding information about renderer, labeling, popup information, scale visibility, etc.

Traditional symbology with UniqueValueRenderer works just fine, however, the issue arise when the symbol is composed in MultiLayer symbol (I assume).

When doing GraphicOverlay.Renderer = Renderer.FromJson(imageLayer.Render.ToJson()), the symbols are mostly correct, but the expressions for rotation and symbol color are not applied. It does not appear that the renderer .ToJson() or that of the service definition does not contain any of the visual expressions defined in ArcGIS Pro.

Rendering layer data directly in the map as ArcGisMapImageLayer works just fine with rotation, but not when a copy of the renderer is used on GraphicOverlay.

Can I assume it works in ArcGisMapImageLayer because the features are rendered on the server?

 Is there a way to make this work?

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