Limitations on Exporting Map Tiles

07-07-2021 01:18 PM
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I have been working with various ways to Export map tiles from a base map. I have used the Export Tile Cache Example that is provided and as well I have used the Tile Package Kreator by Esri Labs. The Tile Package Kreator is a great and simple utility to use. However, most of these Export options have a limitation on the size of file that can be created/exported (1GB, for Kreator). That is fine until one also needs a high zoom availability... I have not used ArcGIS Pro, but is there any way to Export a map without the size limitations? I understand that the file can be quite large. Just need to know if it is doable.

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The limitation is actually on the number of tiles that a service allows in a single export. The image tile based basemap export services (which export TPKs) have a limit of 150,000 tiles per generated package (this is true whether you use a tool like TPK Kreator, Runtime's APIs, or Pro). Vector tile services (which export VTPKs) have a limit of 10,000 (but their tiling scheme is different).

Runtime will allow you to use multiple tile packages together to provide greater coverage, so you can generate a number of tile packages and combine them into one Basemap in Runtime.

Or you could create a Pro map using multiple tile packages and export a Mobile Map Package that combines them into a single Map to save you combining them in code. The Mobile Map Package would still contain multiple TPK files, but gluing them together would be handled in the Map defined in the MMPK.

You could conceivably create a new tile package from that Pro map, but I think you might end up duplicating work in rendering the new tiles. I haven't tried that approach.

Hope this helps.

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