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01-30-2024 01:54 AM
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We're struggling to get a straight forward answer to our licensing questions via ESRI (UK). In short, what we're doing is integrating ArcGIS Runtime SDK .NET into our existing desktop application which goes out to many of our clients. We need the Standard level as we'd like to enable offline vector / raster files too. So lets say, for example we have one developer and we distribute our software to 1000 clients. What license(s) do we need? And what is the name of it, thanks.

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Hi Kristian,

Sorry you've not been able to find the right info so far - I'd love to work with you and Esri UK directly to find out what we can do to better help you and others in future - please contact me via

The first part is finding out what license level you need - and it looks like you've already been able to determine you need an ArcGIS Runtime Standard license based on the need for non-ArcGIS local/offline vector and raster data (License levels and capabilities).

The next part is choosing which approach you'll use to license your app. This is typically determined by whether your application will be entirely offline. If yes, then you should follow the license string approach which involves purchasing packs of deployment licenses. But if your application will be connected/online and your users have ArcGIS identities and access to an ArcGIS Portal instance then you may be able to follow the ArcGIS identity (named user) approach. There is some additional detail on this in the Get a license topic.

The license level and how to get the licenses should cover the topic of end-user / deployment licensing. Then there's the topic of developer licensing / subscription / pay-as-you-go, and this is probably best handled via a direct discussion so we can help determine exactly what's right for you. As above, I'm keen to follow up so we identify precisely what's missing today, and then ensure all the necessary info is available for everyone in the docs. 




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