Empty result of IdentifyTask when using a sceneLayer from .Slpk (Multipart Geometry)

04-03-2019 03:59 AM
New Contributor

(Tested with  ArcGIS Runtime .Net 100.4.)

I have a scene with two scenelayers (source are SLPKs created from Multipart Features).

Both should be identifyable (properties “IsIdentifyEnabled”, “IsVisible” are true for both scenelayers).


In the MySceneViewOnGeoViewTapped Event the identification takes place:


       var idResults = await MySceneView.IdentifyLayerAsync(layer, tapScreenPoint, pixelTolerance, returnPopupsOnly, maxResults);


       if (idResults != null && idResults.GeoElements.Count > 0)

{…get Attributes of firstOrdefault Geoelement and show in callout.}


For one sceneLayer (buildings; polygon type) this is working, but not for the other (gas line; polyline type).

When clicking on this layer, the GeoElementsList/PopupsList stays empty.


I wonder for the reason why?


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