Display GraphicsOverlayCollection below OperationalLayers

09-22-2023 05:44 PM
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Hello! I'm using ArcGis .NET SDK 200.02 version. 

I'm currently displaying static data using GraphicsOverlayCollection at runtime. I also have dynamic data being displayed using DynamicEntityLayer, through a stream service.

Can I arrange the layers such that the DynamicEntityLayer is on top of GraphicsOverlayCollection? I tried setting the Z-index on the graphics objects in the GraphicsOverlayCollection, but it still displays on top. I also tried adding the operational layers after adding graphics layers, and again, GraphicsOverlayCollection displays on top. 

Thank you! 

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Hi @TejaBalu ,  i don't think it's possible to display  a layer on top of graphics overlays, because the layer is contained in the map, and graphics overlays are managed by the map view. The graphics managed by the map view always display above all layers displayed in the map,for more information, please refer to the documentation: Maps (2D) .



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As @AlexanderZhang noted Graphics are always displayed over the top of other map layers, but if you want to interleave content between other map layers then you should use Feature Collections. For more info see:

Class FeatureCollectionLayer

Feature collection layer | ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET | ArcGIS Developers

Feature collection layer (query) | ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET | ArcGIS Developers


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Awesome, thanks for your replies. Will go ahead and change my implementations from Graphics layers to Feature layers, although I wish I had known this sooner! 


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