Best method to upload SQL table data to ArcGISOnline layer

07-11-2018 12:17 PM
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I have been reading the .Net (WPF) sdk and references for 2 days, and there is much information to digest.

My task however is simple (or should be). 

Instead of the user exporting from our SQL 'Locations' database to Excel files, then importing into several ArcGIS Online layers (per project zone).  I want to automate that.  We want direct synchronization between our ArcGIS Online portal data and our in house Locations MsSQL data (on user demand, and possibly both directions).  Can you please tell me the appropriate code path to perform this action?

We have 2 user accounts (paid - administrator and viewer).  I have created an account for development, which includes a client ID and client secret, but I don't know which is the best way to login.  I have the portal uri as well.

I can code in VB.Net (know better) and c#.Net (know well enough), and am plugging this code into an already existing in-house application (wpf,

Guidance would be much appreciated.



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