AGX equivelant built in Runtime .Net?

05-11-2015 05:16 PM
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I have been using ArcGIS Explorer Desktop as my development platform for a Search & Rescue application I have developed over the last year. I chose to use AGX's SDK because AGX already provided so much of the capbilities I was looking for, I didn't feel like recreating the wheel. However, I get the sense that the future for map viewers is with Runtime, and I like the possibilities of supporting other platforms, which is simply not possible with AGX.

Once again, however, I feel like there is no point in recreating the wheel. I know that many of the samples provided by ESRI in the runtime SDK sketch out many of the features that are in AGX. I'm curious if anyone has built a Runtime app that uses only the Basic license that essentially mirrors AGX in terms of functionality and perhaps even interface (to whatever degree is possible).

If it hasn't been done already, what would be the interest in having this done?



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