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How to connect lines to dispersed markers

05-28-2020 10:13 PM
New Contributor

I'm using ArcGIS Pro. My goal is to connect many markers with a single, central marker via lines on a map. The goal is to show the relationship (and store/visualize lots of metadata) between a central marker and many other markers. Some of the markers are very close to each other, so I've had to use the "disperse markers" tool. However, after doing this, when I run the xy point-to-line tool, the lines connect to where the original marker lat/lon is instead of the dispersed placement. This makes sense because I'm guessing the line is separate and is simply connecting to static points, but I need the line to stay connected to the other points even when I zoom out and in, and the dispersed markers move about some.  I've attached an image, and it shows that the line is connecting to an empty space, which is where the 3 nearby markers are located and overlap per xy data, but after I dispersed the markers b/c they were overlapping, you can see the line now doesn't connect to any of them.

Perhaps another GIS application would be more appropriate for this application?  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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