Webinar: What's New in ArcGIS Maritime with S-57 and Automation

03-24-2021 01:54 PM
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What's New in ArcGIS Maritime with S-57 and Automation

National Maritime 2021 Webinar Series



In this webinar, we will demonstrate new capabilities in ArcGIS Pro that greatly simplify the management, validation, and generation of S-57 products. Additionally, we will illustrate how, in just a few clicks, you can leverage Web GIS to generate custom paper nautical charts directly from electronic navigational chart data. With the latest release of ArcGIS Maritime for the server, these fully automated custom chart products are capable of leveraging custom symbology, including traditional INT1 paper chart symbols.


Have questions? Comment below and our team will be happy to answer your questions on this webinar. 


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Hi what a good Webinar.

I think currently it is available with s-57 chart by NOAA? Would it be possible to use other countries or hydrographic offices data to be loaded in ArcGIS? 

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Hi Mingi,

There are a few options depending on your specific needs.

1. As long as those S-57 datasets aren't encrypted with S-63 you can load them into ArcGIS using ArcGIS Maritime  This solution is primarily for production but can be used for many other purposes as well.

2. In ArcMap you have the Esri S-57 Viewer add-on.  This allows you to view S-57 datasets in ArcMap.  Publishing services is not supported.  S-63 encrypted datasets are not supported.

3. If you have S-63 encrypted data or require web services, then you will need to use ArcGIS Maritime Server Extension There is also an additional webinar about the extension.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.


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