The New My Esri Experience is Live!!

12-01-2022 08:03 PM
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Mega Menu

The new mega menu helps users find what they are looking for quicker and has the most frequently used workflows accessible through notification badges and interactive dropdowns.


Help and Guidance

The mega menu has designated help resources that are focused on commonly asked questions, workflows, and provides a place for user to give site feedback.



Enhancements were made to the user profile that further ties the experience to permitted features based on the individual. Examples include a ‘Developer’ option if the user is associated to an Annual Developer Subscription, and a ‘Store Purchases’ option for showing individual order and fulfilment details. With the use of inline editing, the experience has been streamlined where a user does not have to go to multiple pages to update their profile information.


With the goal of users finding what they are looking for easier, the new model utilizes interactive grids that expand and collapse (+) the display showing detailed information. This practice is used as a standard across the new experience and effectively decreases the amount of click throughs a user needs to accomplish.

Example: Training Records


Action Icon Selectors

Knowing that My Esri is used globally, creating an experience that supports translation can be difficult. Where applicable, new modal driven action icon selections have been added.

Example: Technical Support Cases


Manage Users

From the main mega menu, you can access all users associated to your organization and manage their permissions. On the Manage Users page, the new look allows you to view and update your user’s permissions easier while remaining on the full user’s list page.


Additional tools and reporting are available in the Manage Permissions feature such as user tagging, viewing user list in grid format, and viewing changes to user permissions through a log.

Software License & Download Management

To assist users when choosing the correct options for licensing an Esri product, the experience has been updated to grouping the product licenses and implementing a more user-friendly starting point with the addition of large product icon selectors.


A similar experience was created for the downloads page along with the most current versions available from the mega menu dropdown for easy access and consistency.



The support user experience has been modified to provide a clearer distinction between technical support and customer service support channels. This has been accomplished through updated taxonomy and actionable features displayed under pertinent categories.



To move away from the current confusing User Interface experience, the new site has created a unique stand-alone Developer setting. For the scenario when an end user is not connected to My Esri and is sent an email to subscribe to an Annual Developer subscription, once they select the option in the email, they are now taken directly to the new Developer Subscription home landing page.


The end user now has an uncoupled interface where they can access all of the software entitlements at the mega menu level that are part of the Annual Developer Subscription.

 If an end user is connected to My Esri already and is associated to an organization, when accepting access to an Annual Developer Subscription through the email, the experience will send them to the same Developer Subscription landing page, however if they need to access their organizations portal, selecting the My Esri home page icon takes them to the organizations profile page and they can get back through the option under the gear icon.












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I will be using the old UI for as long as you keep it around, so please keep the option around for a long time to switch back to old/classic UI.

I find the new UI cumbersome, worse in several areas than the old UI.  I have also been running into lots of issues with filters not working correctly, so I just switch back to classic UI and get what I need in a few seconds.

PLEASE (yes, all caps) bring back the Quick Search for Esri Support cases, defects, etc...

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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the feedback. I am sorry you find the new UI experience cumbersome. Over the past year we have had the beta site live to seek user feedback and make updates based on any shortcomings. It would be very helpful if you could provide some specifics in the areas you have found unsatisfactory so that we may enhance them as we continue our regularly scheduled releases. As per the Quick Search and filter items mentioned, we are aware and will be striving to have them available in early January. 

Hope all is well,


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Hello @JoshBeaton ,

Can you please share any update on the Quick search Functionality not available in the new My Esri UI? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Aniket D

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(I'm not Josh, but:) The Quick Searches were added to the new experience with our release last Thursday evening, 1/19. Try them out, and see what you think.

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@TeresaDolan, thanks for the update.  I will definitely try them out soon because it was a feature I relied on extensively.

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Hello @TeresaDolan ,


Thank you so much for sharing the information. This is great and I hope it helps a lot more people too.


Best regards,

Aniket D

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How does one view attachments you've put onto a case in the new MyEsri?  It shows that 3 files are attached with no way to review them.

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