Redistricting model confusion

09-19-2021 08:20 PM
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Hello all,

I am running what should be a simple model  in Pro 2.8.3 to analyze constituent map submittals for our redistricting process and getting hung up in 2 places. We are ingesting a text file (from the mapping contractor) that is joined to the precincts master file to make sure there are no islands. Roughly it is: Join, Dissolve on District (no multipart), Summarize to get return counts, Rejoin summary to dissolve, Select for Frequency > 1, save off.

The Workspace variable sets the working fgdb for ease of moving around to other analysts.

The DateCode variable sets up a date/time string for appending to data exports for uniqueness

The submission code is generated as part of the contractors web site for map creation. I thought I would just strip off the trailing .txt from the Export Data selection but need to stabilize the model before I can entertain that.

I am running into 2 problems that I am hoping for a little guidance on:

1 - At the first Join. When the ExportData selection changes the join names get wonky because the file name changed. Is there a way to suppress the table name prefixes or would I be better off copying out the ExportData file to a temporary file with a common/overwritten name for consistency?

2 - At the last Select.  I am looking at selecting the frequency > 1 and the values seem to want to hold on to old element names. In this model you should see that the S2_... table is being fed into the select but the frequency is looking for the S_ table. If I delete the select clause and recreate it it will process for one run then fail.

The attached zip file has the working fgdb, the model, several sample data sets. If you set the workspace location to the unzipped fgdb processing should be straightforward until the errors pop up.

Thank for any guidance you might have.




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Some suggestions:

On field prefixes, check out the Qualified Field Names environment setting.

Check out the Join Field tool to copy a field from one table to another this may help you make more elegant output.

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