Model Builder output feature issue

06-24-2021 02:27 PM
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I am currently using ArcGIS Pro (2.8.1) to update a model that was built for a previously completed project. I have input my updated data (updated line networks) into the model and keep receiving an error saying "ERROR 000210: Cannot create output C:(my file path)". I have ensured that the file path is correct and exists.  The model worked correctly for the those using it in the previous project and all I I've done is swap out the original networks for my updated ones. I researched the error and only found that it could be caused by an incorrect file path or a data lock. I am fairly new to GIS and am not sure if there is relevant info I am leaving out, so please let me know if additional screenshots or info are needed. Any possible fixes and suggestions as to why the output is failing would be much appreciated!

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UPDATE: looked at the screen shot and the output path is:


Are you sure that both the geodatabase ModelOutput2021.gdb exists and the BikeAll feature dataset exists within it?  

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If Curtis' solution is checked, and the issue still persists, then

Check if overwriting existing datasets is checked under Options > Geoprocessing.



Could you test by creating a new feature dataset with a shorter file path, e.g. C:\Data\Tempe_20minCity\ModelOutput2021.gdb\BikeAll

Try saving the output(s) in this feature dataset.

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Data locking may cause this issue as well.

Confirm that the data is not locked by another user or application.