"Mineral Exploration Using ArcGIS" Webinar

06-10-2021 02:11 PM
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We hope you enjoyed the webinar, "Mineral Exploration using ArcGIS."

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Questions and Answers from Live Session

  1. Can you collect terrestrial frame pictures with Field Maps directly into an Oriented Imagery Catalog?
    1. Yes, feature services with attachments are a supported source of pictures for the Oriented Imagery Catalog.  You can also capture pictures using QuickCapture and automatically capture the metadata that enables the use of Oriented Imagery.  You can find more information here: Managing and Visualizing Oriented Imagery.
  2. Are there plans to integrate Survey123 and Field Maps into a single product?
    1. While there is some overlapping functionality, there are no plans to integrate Survey123 and Field Maps into a single product.
  3. Can multiple people use offline map editing and load back to the database?
    1. Yes, multiple users can take maps offline and sync their edits back to the central database.
  4. Do the web maps in ArcGIS Field Maps need to be in a geographic projection, or could you use a UTM projection as well?
    1. The coordinate system used by ArcGIS Field Maps is determined by your GNSS receiver.  Your map coordinate system is determined by your web map (specifically, the basemap that is uses).
  5. What would be the best "criteria" to decide to use Survey123 or Field Maps?
    1. Survey123 and Field Maps have overlapping functionality, so for many workflows you may be able to use one or the other.  If you require more smart form features, Survey123 has more complex smart forms.  If you need to collect and store your devices location, you could use Field Maps.  If your end users are looking for a simpler, form-based interface, Survey123 may be the better solution.  Whereas collection multiple types of spatial data and when you need a map in the field, Field Maps may be the better solution.  We recommend reaching out to discuss the specifics of your workflows.
  6. Can Field Maps and ArcGIS Pro work with a Trimble collector?
    1. Yes, Field Maps can integrate with Trimble receivers and data collectors.  GNSS receivers can also be connected to ArcGIS Pro.  You can learn more here: Trimble + Esri.
  7. Can you import Survey123 forms into Field Maps?
    1. No, Survey123 forms cannot be imported into Field Maps.
  8. Are the oriented imagery tools only available in ArcGIS Pro and not ArcMap?
    1. Yes, the Oriented Imagery Add-in for ArcGIS Pro is only available for ArcGIS Pro, and will not be made for ArcMap.  You can download the add-in from here: Oriented Imagery Add-in for ArcGIS Pro and can find more information on this GitHub repository.
  9. Do you have recorded video for this webinar?
    1. Yes, the webinar recording can be found here and past webinars can be found here.
  10. At one point there was a map shown that had polygons for mapped lithologies plus additional polygons for interpretations. Could you explain the best ways to take polygon data while mapping in the field?
    1. You can configure your maps in ArcGIS Pro to include points, lines, and polygons.  Each of these data types can be brought into the field with ArcGIS Field Maps and you can create or edit them.  You can find more information here: ArcGIS Field Maps Resources.
  11. Will ArcGIS Collector still be available? I see that ArcGIS Field Maps is a paid service whereas ArcGIS Collector was free.
    1. ArcGIS Field Maps requires the same license as ArcGIS Collector, a Field Worker user type.  We will be retiring ArcGIS Collector in December of 2021.  You can find more information here: Deprecation Notice for Explorer, Collector, and Tracker.
  12. is Field Maps only available through ArcGIS Pro? Any options for ArcMap users?
    1. Field Maps works by connecting to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.  You can work with data that has been published from either ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. 
  13. Is there an option to measure dip and dip direction directly from ArcGIS Field Maps instead of using compass or another application?
    1. Today, you cannot directly measure these from ArcGIS Field Maps. If you would like to see this feature implemented, we would recommend submitting an idea to the ArcGIS Field Maps Ideas forum.  Please also tag the idea with “mining”.


Thank you for your time and attention. Be on the lookout for additional mining webinars.

Warm regards,
The Mining Team


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