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I am here to seek knowledge, and then share all that I have learned. 

Looking to learn about all tools and features available for Digitals twins of cities with respect to utilities, grid, water management, buildings, traffic control/planning, wastewater management, waste management, parking, urban planning, road quality monitoring, road maintenance, infrastructure monitoring/maintenance, 311 calls,  civic engagement, social media feedback monitoring. 

Above are the applications, then in terms of tools, features, SDKs, APIs, and webhooks, what are all the tools available that can be implemented to facilitate the above business applications?

I am looking for a basic primer.

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Hello and welcome, @Citi_Labs!


You have certainly come to the right place. Consider Esri Community to be your go-to spot for discussing all things GIS — a virtual gathering place where you can find solutions, share ideas, and collaborate to solve problems with the help of members from all around the globe.


Please be sure to check out the following Community-use resources to get you started:


And, noting your specific interest, here's just a handful of areas that may prove a good starting point:


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Brianna Ettley
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