Aditya Allamraju's ArcGIS Story Map work portfolio

09-23-2022 08:02 AM
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Hello ESRI Community,

Having interacted with many GIS experts & professionals during the ESRI User Conference 2022 Expo, gave me an idea/ thought of showcasing my work portfolio that could complement the traditional format of a resume or CV. Then, I realized Esri ArcGIS Story Map is one of the best & trendy ways for a GIS enthusiast & practitioner like me to demonstrate story-telling skills creatively to a wide range of audiences with GIS or non-GIS backgrounds.

After 2 months of my worthwhile experience as an ESRI Student Assistant at the User Conference 2022, I came up with my Story Map work portfolio.

Here is the link to the Story Map:

Thank You All.

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Esri Community Manager

What a cool use of ArcGIS Story Maps, @Aditya_Allamraju

We appreciate you sharing this idea here in Esri Community so that others can see it demonstrated and perhaps put it to use for themselves as well. Keep us updated on whether you find this work portfolio serving you well. Our team would genuinely love to hear. 

Jesse Cloutier
Community Manager, Engagement & Content
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Congratulations from another UIUC Geography major. Although when I was there, the Geography Department was in Davenport Hall.