Dynamic text: Possible to change number format directly in the dynamic text properties rather than through attribute table's field properties?

08-30-2021 05:58 PM
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I'm working with dynamic text for Data Driven Pages in ArcMap. Is it possible to change number format (such as number of decimal points, thousands separators, or formatting a number as a percentage) directly through the dynamic text properties dialog rather than through the attribute table's field properties? We have some Data Driven Reports with a lot of dynamic text, and while we try to avoid adding new unformatted fields to the datasets, sometimes it happens and it can take a while to go through each field and reformat the numbers so that they show up correctly through the dynamic text. 

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@LindsayWithers1 , here you go:



Numeric values

You can modify the number of decimal places used by tags that return numeric values using the decimalPlaces attribute. For example, <dyn type="mapFrame" name="MapFrameName" property="lowerMid" units="ddm" decimalPlaces="0"/> appears as -95 13 32 58, and <dyn type="mapFrame" name="Map Map Frame" property="lowerMid" units="ddm" decimalPlaces="2"/> appears as -95 13.29 32 57.68.


...then check the section about Pre and Post tags, if you want to add % symbols on etc.

If you want to display a decimal value as a percentage, you could just set up an Attribute Rule in a new field to multiply the main field by 100.

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