An update on the recent tests conducted on LocalMaps v2.3.2.

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Hello all,

In the past few weeks, the Eagle team has been rigorously testing LocalMaps v2.3.2 to assess:
  a. The impact of upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise to version 11.3 on existing LocalMaps instances.
  b. The effects of upcoming updates in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on LocalMaps functionality.

a. LocalMaps v2.3.2 with ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3:
Our tests indicate that upgrading to ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3 does not affect any components or content that are shared through LocalMaps v2.3.2. The Gallery, Viewer, and Administration panels are functioning as expected.

b. Accessing LocalMaps v2.3.2 through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge 127:
We have also tested LocalMaps v2.3.2 with the new Chrome beta 127 and observed no differences in performance. We can confirm that the upcoming browser updates will not impact LocalMaps operation and functionality.

Testing on Other Versions:
Additionally, we conducted high-level testing on LocalMaps Gallery and Viewer for versions v2.3.1, 2.3, and 2.2 using Chrome beta 127. Our findings show no significant differences in any aspects. 

Hope the above helps. If you or your organization encounters any issues, please contact us at We are happy to work with you in finding a solution and ensure a seamless experience with LocalMaps.

Kind regards,

LocalMaps Team | Eagle Technology

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Great, thanks for this update!