10-18-2021 04:52 AM
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Hello if someone can help me to answer these:
1● You are provided a geospatial vector layer (geojson) of 500 buildings. You must modify the
attributes for each building in the vector layer by adding one of the following 4 classifications:
apartment, residential home, commercial building, etc. Describe how you would edit the
information in the vector layer. How would you determine which class the building belongs to?
What tools would you use? How would your answer be different if there were 5000000 buildings
2● What type of dataset could you use in the above example to determine the height of the
3● What additional data sources could we leverage to help identify details about a flood in a specific
4● We have just acquired 100 images from social media that show different parts of a flooded city.
What would your approach be to determine the latitude, longitude of the scenes in the images?
5● Describe how you could pull in ground observations from the geolocated images above to your
mapped flood extent. How would you use them in combination with the extent you mapped from
the satellite image?
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Are these some exercise or interview questions?

I suggest you study and research on these topics, and answer yourself.

First learn, then answer.

Think Location