Create a Unit Hydrograph - Python error 000989

10-20-2022 08:35 AM
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I'm doing the tasks in the lesson "Create a Unit Hydrograph" I'm in the latest version of Pro with Spatial Analyst. 

When I created a output accumulation raster I chose float as datatype. Later that layer and my slope layer creates a slope_area_term-layer. The error appears when I try to do calculations on that layer. I'm supposed to divide it with the mean value in slope-area-term and multiply it with 0.1. 

I get this error: 

SyntaxError: leading zeros in decimal integer literals are not permitted

My mean value has no leading zero. The factor 0.1 is not the problem, the error appears even without it. So I suppose the error lies in the slope-area-term-layer. (I tried to create a raster attribute table, but got an error because the datatype was float...)

Does anybody here know what causes this error and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with the lessons. 

Could you cross-check in the pop-up if the values are in float: 




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