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Null attributes when creating FeatureCollectionTable from QueryFeatureResult

04-23-2024 03:32 AM
New Contributor II

When I query a ServiceFeatureTable with queryFeatures, and try to create a FeatureCollectionTable from that result, the features of the table end with null attributes.

Sample code


val queryParams = QueryParameters().apply {
    whereClause = "IDENT IN (1,2,3)"
val queryResult = layer.table?.queryFeatures(queryParams, QueryFeatureFields.LoadAll).getOrNull()
val featureCollectionTable = FeatureCollectionTable(queryResult!!)


What I expect

The FeatureCollectionTable should be created with the features from queryResult with fields from the service.

What I got

The FeatureCollectionTable was correctly created with the features from queryResult, but all the fields are set to null. Only the OBJECTID field is filled.


Am I creating the FeatureCollectionTable wrong? How do I properly add the features so that the fields are populated?

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