Raster calculator value error

01-22-2023 10:16 AM
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Hi everyone. I am new with Gis so this maybe is easy for you to answer. Please be clear for me to understand 😆.  I run the raster calculator and I have a problem with the value ramp. I will show you 2 photos . The one is the type of ramp I have and the other is the type of values I want.



 I want the colors to be two, as my values 0 and 1. But I have a color ramp with 0 high and 0 low. Do you have a solution ? 

Thanks in advance

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@PanosMan a few checks that might help.

Calculate statistics on the dataset then reapply symbology.

What inputs produced the output raster? 2 different rasters? Are they in the same coordinate system and raster type? (8bit unsigned)? Do the pixels overlap? Try using snap raster to realignt he input rasters before running raster calculator.

Try working with .tif format instead of whatever format you're using.



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