Building a new WTS for ArcGIS Pro

03-18-2021 03:26 PM
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We are looking at getting pricing for a new WTS environment for ArcGIS Pro.

Does anyone have a URL/PDF for the hardware specs for

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • GPU 

for a WTS build please?

I had a brief look . . but didn't find anything for servers just desktop/laptop builds.


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Please refer to these links.

1. Hardware/Software Specs for ArcGIS Pro

2. Hardware/Software Specs for ArcGIS Server

Here is few recommended hardware specs if you are working on imagery and huge data and expecting fast performance.

1. Desktop Specs:

CPU Name: Intel Core i9 10900
Ram: 32 GB
CPU Characteristics: Interl Boost Technology/
HDD: 1000 TGB HDD/
OS: Windows 10 Professional 
( i9 10900 WIN10P 32512SSD1HDD3 P400 2GB P24h G4)


2. Server Specs

Processor Architecture CISC(X86)
Processor Make Intel
Number of Cores per Processor 28
Processor Base Frequency (GHz) 2.7
Processor Turbo Frequency (GHz) 4
Total Cache (L1+L2+L3)(MB) 38.5
Processor Description/ Number Intel Xeon Gold 6258R
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