Branch versioning and publication geodatabases

04-06-2022 02:33 PM
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My role in our organization is as a geodatabase administrator, so I am not fully involved in the larger picture of designing the entire system.  As I start to look at branch versioning compared to our current traditional versioning edit-to-publication workflow, I located this:

and specifically the diagram:

Are there resources available that more specifically detail methods of how data can or should be updated in the publication geodatabase from the production geodatabase from branch versioned data?  My understanding is that geodatabase replication only applies to traditionally versioned source data.  Are there other ways of updating that publication geodatabase besides brute-force ETL (extract-transform-load)?  

history: our organization has a versioned geodatabase for ArcMap editing and a publication geodatabase (no versions = minimal maintenance downtime) since Desktop 8.3.  That publication database is updated by geodatabase replication when possible (edit data structure closely matches publication data) but sometimes ETL, and sometimes those ETL processes are with SQL views written against the versioned views (EVWs).

Thank you

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