Working through "Land Parcel Extraction using Edge Detection model" Notebook, cannot replicate steps

01-17-2022 08:28 AM
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I have a trial version of ArcGIS Pro with Image Analysis extension and I am trying to replicate the flow described in a notebook (I should add that I am new to Notebooks having come from the ArcMap world):

Title: Land Parcel Extraction using Edge Detection model

But I cannot replicate the step in the attached image, i.e. when running the "Classify Pixels using Deep Learning" GUI. The imagery is served online but in the GUI, it is simply called "Imagery" in the in_raster box.
There is no authorship provided so I am stumped as to who to contact. I am sure I am not the only person who is stuck here. I am hoping it's something simple...
Thanks for any assistance the community can provide.

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I moved this to the "Imagery and Remote Sensing Questions", or would you prefer the "ArcGIS API for Python" ? since this isn't an ArcGIS Pro question directly

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