Adding a video to oriented imagery catalog

a week ago
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I am attempting to add a mp4 video to an Oriented Imagery Catalog (v2.7) in Pro (2.8.3) using an external csv table for metadata. This is mostly blank other than these key fields. 



Is this even possible or do I need the image analyst extension and then follow the Full Motion Video (FMV)/multiplex documentation?

I'm following the OrientedImageryCatalogManagement_UserGuide.pdf but there is very little info about how to do what I am trying to do. 

Note: I am currently getting this error: Log attached, Metadata File attached. 

Calling GeospatialVideo
Error in processing images. name 'log' is not defined

note:  i've been able to add images OK. 


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Looking at your .CSV there is not enough infomation in the columns to proces the video.  My understanding is that all columns need to be populated as in my example from PH4

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what is PH4?
There is an example from a Garmin Virb here. Are you thinking that data from a Virb has all that metadata?
I guess I'm not sure if it's possible to load Video from a consumer grade camera (GoPro + GPX string) into an OIC or if you HAVE to have other metadata from your sensor.
I wonder if you can just fudge all those values if they haven't been captured from your device?


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Hi Peter, 

First of all apologies for the late reply. But the issue you are facing has been fixed. I had a look at the csv file you have given... and you need to have values in those empty columns. 

PlatformHeading is used to for the heading of the camera.  (If there is a gimbal mount you would also have a value for SensorRelativeAzimuth. But since you dont, you can just remove this column. 

PlatformRoll along with SensorRelativeRoll (if gimbal mounted) is used to calculate the Roll. 

You seem to have a Pitch value. SensorRelativeElevation (if gimbal mounted) is also used to calulate the Pitch. 

 HorizontalFOV and VerticalFOV is used to calculate the coverage area of the video. 

These values are required.  Normally we would allow you to use default values but because of the complexity of the requirements it was skipped for this initial version. So my suggestion is that you will the default values in the empty fields in your CSV and run it with the updated code. 

The updated code can be found in Github. If you are not familiar with github follow these steps,

1. Go to

2. Download the repository. See screen below.  highlighted in yellow.


3. from downloaded zip Extract & GeospatialVideo.oitype files

4. Copy extracted files  to  c:\Image_Mgmt_Workflows\OrientedImagery\Types folder. 


5. If you have Pro open.. Make sure to close it before using the updated oitype. 

Let me know how it goes. 


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